Roche Hair Extensions
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Roche Hair Extensions: Guide Overview

Roche Hair Extensions Supplies the Finest Hair Extensions on the market. We separate our qualities into two categories – Single Drawn Hair Extensions & Double Drawn Hair Extensions. Each of these categories has 5 Methods attached to them you can choose from.
In this guide you will learn

1. The difference between Synthetic and Human Hair Extensions.
2. What Remy Hair Extensions are?
3. What Virgin Hair Extensions are?
4. What Single Drawn Hair Extensions are.
5. What Double Drawn Hair Extensions are.
6. An In-depth look at each of the Six Methods of application we supply –

7. Styles & How to apply videos.

1. What is the difference between Synthetic Hair Extensions and Human Hair Extensions?

Synthetic Hair Extensions vs Human Hair Extensions
Human Hair Extensions –

Human hair extensions are constructed from real human hair. That means they are able to be dyed down, meaning darker in colour. We would advise only dying down and not up. They also can be styled using high temperature equipment up to 230°C e.g. (curled or straightened) using hair straighteners or a curling wand. It can also be washed frequently, although you would be wise to use particular shampoos and conditioners on hair extensions (more info on Roche’s recommended products for hair extensions here).

As it is “Real Human Hair” you can basically treat it just like you would your own natural hair. You must still bear in mind it isn’t your own hair and it will need the aftercare that is required for hair extensions (aftercare guide here). Human hair extensions can last from 6-12 months depending on lifestyle and if they are properly cared for.

Synthetic Hair Extensions –

Synthetic hair extensions made from synthetic hair are sensitive to the sun, are difficult to style and blend with your own hair. It can’t be styled the many different ways you could with natural human hair. Only a special heat friendly synthetic hair is heat styleable, and that’s only to change the curl pattern. But in reality even the heat friendly fibre synthetic hair can be difficult to style as synthetic fibre is more resistant to change, causing it to reform its previous shape.

Synthetic hair is also less durable than human hair so it won’t last as long. With proper care you can expect heat durable synthetic hair to last roughly 2- 3 months. Some proprietors claim it to be cost effective, but in the long run you will spend more with the need to replenish your hair more often. This is due to its lack of everyday life durability. There has been horror stories of people singeing or even melting there synthetic hair because of the material (low grade acrylic).

Pros & Cons of Each Type –

Synthetic Hair


  • Comes ready to wear out the box.
  • Cheaper.
  • Good for 1 night party hair.


  • Can be easily damaged.
  • Doesn’t feel or look natural.
  • Can’t be styled like human hair.
  • Doesn’t last as long as human hair.
  • Tangles quickly.

100% Human Hair


  • Doesn’t Tangle or Shed quickly.
  • Lasts a lot longer than synthetic hair.
  • Can be styled, dyed and heated to high temps.
  • No un-natural materials on your head e.g. Plastic
  • 100% real human hair (no animal hair).
  • Feels and looks like your own hair.
  • Doesn’t damage easily.
  • Can have multiple different styles with the same hair overtime.


  • Needs Styling.
  • More Costly.


If you’re looking for cheap quality hair that doesn’t look or feel natural and need hair for a very short period of time without changing style then you want go with synthetic hair.

If you’re looking for quality, durability, a natural look & feel and the ability to style and transform your hair over long periods of time then human hair is for you.

Synthetic Hair Extensions vs Human Hair Extensions – And the Winner is !!!!!!

 Human Hair Extensions

Until they are able to replicate the exact feel, touch and durability and flexability for styling of human hair synthetic hair will be its lesser counterpart.

2. What are Remy Hair Extensions?

Furthermore What does ‘Remy Hair’ mean?

Here at Roche Hair Extensions you’ll see that many of our product descriptions and information mention remy hair.  If you’re new to the world of hair extensions, you’ll be asking yourself What is ‘Remy Hair’? and –

  1. Should I Shop for Remy Hair? – Yes, it will ensure you get the best quality human hair all intact and with a natural appearance.
  2. Is Remy Hair the same as Virgin Hair? – No, Not all remy hair is virgin hair. (What is virgin hair?)

Remy Hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair available. The reason being, when the hair is gathered together all cuticles of the hair are kept intact and aren’t stripped like in lesser quality non-Remy Hair Extensions. The aim is to preserve and align the (hairs) cuticles and have them facing in one direction. This creates an extension that is completely natural in appearance and feel. The remy way of harvesting the hair makes sure that the hair extension remains soft, shiny, silky and completely tangle-free throughout its lifetime. This cannot happen with lesser grades that are not remy. At Roche Hair Extensions we only use grade 6A single drawn & 8A double drawn Remy Human Hair Extensions. This is the highest grade & quality available on the market today.

3. What are Virgin Hair Extensions?

Furthermore What does ‘Virgin Hair’ mean?

Here at Roche Hair Extensions you’ll see that many of our product descriptions and information mention virgin hair.  If you’re new to the world of hair extensions, you’ll be asking yourself What is ‘Virgin Hair’? and –

  1. Should I Shop for Virgin Hair? – Yes, it will ensure you get the best quality human hair, no synthetic, animal or processed hair.
  2. Is Virgin Hair the same as Remy Hair? – No, Not all Remy hair is virgin hair.

To put it simply virgin hair is human hair that is non-chemically processed. The hair is selected & collected from a single person called a donor.

The nationality of the donor determines the name or what we call brand for the hair e.g. Russian, Mongolian, Indian, Brazilian and so on.  So in conclusion to “what is vigin hair?”. Virgin hair is basically remy hair (What is remy hair?) that has not been altered via dyes, perms, bleaches, or harsh washes.

4. What Are Single Drawn Hair Extensions?

Single Drawn Hair Extensions

Single drawn hair is the standard thickness that numerous hair extensions are accessible in, and is an extremely prevalent decision for hair extension wearers. A standard bundle of single drawn hair will contain around half full length hairs, and half differed length hairs.

What this means? A look at single drawn hair extensions

Take a bundle of 18″ Pre Bonded Hair Extensions for instance, around half of the hairs are probably going to approximatley 18 inch in length, with the other half involving a blend of lengths which are probably going to be between 14-16 inch long. This implies the hair will be thick at the tip of the bundle and after that decrease somewhat towards the end.

The Advantage of Single Drawn Hair Extensions

There are numerous positives related with single drawn hair extensions, and it is frequently a prevalent decision because of its natural appearance. As hair actually develops from our scalp, each of our hairs will have an alternate development rate, accordingly a person with normally developed long hair will have hair that is more slender at the tips and decreases towards the base. Customers searching for a Natural & complete look where masses of volume is not essential, single drawn hair is an awesome decision. Similarly, single drawn hair is frequently less expensive than double drawn hair, in any case in the event that you trim the ends up by two or three inches, they can without much effort be thickened to give a almost identical general appearance clsoe to the more costly double drawn hair.

The Downside of Single Drawn Hair Extensions

The drawbacks of single drawn hair extensions are that you will discover an absence of volume in this kind of hair extensions. In the event that you yourself or your customer is searching for a breathtakingly thick look, you will battle to accomplish this with single drawn hair extensions and should trim off a lot of length to accomplish this. For instance, on the off chance that you are searching for thick 18″ hair extensions you should buy single drawn hair of 20-22″ with a specific end goal to sufficiently enable hair for the extensions to be trimmed and thickened at the tips, so regardless they have a general length of around 20″. In the event that this is the look your customer is after, single drawn hair extensions may not be the best decision, and double drawn could be a superior alternative.

5. What Are Double Drawn Hair Extensions?

Double Drawn Hair Extensions

At the any sales point when hair extensions are shown as double drawn, this basically implies inside a bundle of hair, the greater part of shorter hairs as talked about above are removed and supplanted with other more equal in length longer hairs. Furthermore this mean if you bought 20 inch hair extensions, the hair would be consistently thick from root to tip, as the greater part of hairs (around 75-85%) inside the bundle would hang the full 20 inches.

The Advantage of Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Double Drawn hair is an incredible decision if the hair you are after is that of volume and charm. As the hair extensions are thick ideally to the tip, a full bodied look will be accomplished easily. As the extensions are so thick, it is likely that you won’t require the same number of as you would for a full head of single drawn hair extensions altough this is not always the case, and accordingly won’t have to buy the same number of bundles.

Disadvantages of Double Drawn Hair Extensions

In spite of the fact that you might have the capacity to escape with buying less double drawn hair extensions when compared with single drawn hair extensions, on a strand by strand premise double drawn hair can be much more costly than single drawn, nonetheless you are getting more hair for your cash. As double drawn hair extensions are thick from root tip this can make the strands overwhelming in weight. In the event that you have a customer with fine hair this weight might be excessive for their hair, making it impossible to have without causing some form of harm (this is rare though), Bearing this in mind double drawn hair extensions aren’t suited to everybody.

6. A Look at Each of the Six Methods of Hair Extension we Supply

U Tip / Nail Tip Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

A u tip / nail tip pre bonded hair extensions is a kind of hair extension that is connected to the hair by warming up the keratin tip that is found toward the end of the hair extension, it is then molded it to and around your regular hair. Utilizing keratin as a type of hair extension application has been around for a long time, and is an extremely famous technique for fitting.

Are U Tip / Nail Tip Pre Bonded hair extensions different types of method?

The terms u tip / nail tip pre bonded hair extension are regularly used to depict a similar thing, which can unfortunatley be very confusing. With respect to the term u tip and nail tip, this does in actuality allude to the same thing, and is basically a method for depicting the shape of the keratin toward the finish of each strand. The keratin is molded in a “u” or “nail” sort of shape to make it snappy and simple to soften against the hair to maintain a tight fixed bond. This sort of fitting can some of the time additionally be alluded to as i tip, stick tip  or v tip, which again is precisely the same method of fitting, yet as the names propose it is essentially an alternativly molded tip. The real keyword to look for in this method from the wording above is “pre bonded”.

What do the words pre bonded mean?

The term prebonded is frequently used to portray a nail tip / u tip sort of fitting method, and is vigorously connected with this type of hair extension. What can cause disarray however is that the term pre bonded really alludes to each strand having been made separately, as opposed to being sold as free hair, and actually the term pre bonded could be utilized to not only just portray u tip / nail tip pre bonded hair extensions but, additionally stick tip hair extensions and nano tip hair extensions, as these are likewise “pre bonded” rather than being sold as free hair.

It is consequently that if a customer approaches you for “pre bonded” hair extensions, it is essential that you guarantee you elaborate on the the correct kind of hair extensions your customer is alluding to, as albeit 90% of the time you will discover your customer is alluding to u tip / nail tip pre bonded hair extensions, on the odd occasion they may really be portraying another technique.

Why is the name “pre bonded”  used to describe U Tip / Nail Tip Pre Bonded hair extensions?

The explanation behind this is pretty easy. As keratin based hair extensions are one of the most established techniques for hair extension application, it was the first method of pre bonded hair established and have a prebonded tip as opposed to being sold as free hair with a glue gun, furthermore it has just been around longer and has more of a relationship with the expression “prebonded”.

How do you fit U Tip / Nail Tip hair extensions?

U Tip / Nail Tip hair extensions are fitted utilizing a warmth connector to liquefy the keratin tip against little areas of your own hair. The dissolved keratin is then moved around the hair firmly with the goal that it surrounds and maintains a completely fixed bond. Keratin warms and cools rapidly, allowing for a quick and easy application.

Should you be qualified to fit U Tip / Nail Tip hair extensions?

To fit any type of hair extension you ought to be professionally accredited to guarantee the bonds are fitted effectively and securely. Endeavoring to fit hair extensions without the necessary capabilities could allow for a disgraceful fitting which may do harm to yours or a customer’s hair.

What should be used to remove U Tip / Nail Tip hair extensions?

Based on the kind of keratin utilized, the bond should be separated with the goal that it can securely be expelled from the customer hair without damage to the clients hair. When utilizing an Italian keratin you will require a liquor based removersolution, and when utilizing a Chinese keratin you will require a acetone based solution.

Will Pre Bonded hair extensions be comfortable?

At the point when hair extensions are fitted effectively. U Tip / Nail Tip ought to be exceptionally agreeable to wear. Similarly as with all hair extension techniques, a settling period is typically required for the initial couple of days while your scalp changes to accomodate the hair extensions, which can bring about delicacy and gentle tingling, however this ought to die down inside a day or so, and is just liable to influence those with a touchy or sensitive scalp.

Will my Pre Bonded Hair Extensions Be on Show?

If you have had your hair extensions fitted by a suitable professional, once fitted  you shouldn’t have the ability to see the bonds by any stretch of the imagination. Hair extensions ought to be put sufficiently far from the regular hair line to enable you to cover the bonds with your common hair, enabling you to tie your hair back as you ordinarily would without the danger of the bonds being seen. On the off chance that hair extensions are fitted excessively near the hair line they may end up noticeably apparent, which is the reason it is critical to have your hair extensions fitted by a professional proficient in pre bonded hair extensions to guarantee this is done accurately.

If you are worried that you can see your hair extension bonds, just contact your hair extension specialist who ought to be glad to alter the layout or those that are the most on show.

Stick Tip / I Tip / Micro Ring Hair Extensions

A Stick Tip / I Tip / Micro Ring hair extension is a method of application that revolves around the use of a fixture, such as a micro ring or micro tube. This is then fixed to the hair extension and then your hair then put in place without the use of heat or glue. Stick Tip / I Tip / Micro Ring hair extensions are considered to be the safest application methods available, and when fitted correctly should cause little to no damage to your own natural hair.

Are Stick Tip / I Tip / Micro Ring hair extensions different things?

The names Stick Tip / I Tip / Micro Ring are used in conjuction with each other, but do essentially refer to the same thing, with the exception of a “micro loop” which is often also associated with this type of fitting but is not the same thing. This method gets its name from the actual shape of the end of the hair extension bond, which has similarities to the end of a shoelace, a small firm keratin cylinder shape is found at the top of each strand to allow the hair extension to be placed into a fixture to remain firm. Micro Ring hair extensions are the same as Stick Tip or I Tip, despite the confusion surrounding the names, but dont confuse that with micro-loop which is a slightly different method.

Micro Loop Hair Extensions

A micro loop is a term used to describe the same type of hair extensions as those listed above, however unlike Stick Tip / I Tip / Micro Ring hair extensions which are all the same, a micro loop does have a small difference. A micro loop hair extension will come with the pre attached loop to the hair, the plastic loop is inserted inside to aid with the fitting process. The extensions are then applied in the same way.

Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape hair Extensions use a similar technique of application used to secure lace-front wigs at the hairline. Pieces of clear, twofold sided tape are appended to the base of a weft of Remy Human Hair Extensions and after that, these wefts are taped to the scalp. Since the tape utilized is totally adaptable and transparent, your normal scalp is totally obvious, and on the grounds that the tape joins to the scalp, there is no requirement for cumbersome twists or clasps which may glimmer in the light. You can part the hair inventively and maneuver your hair into halfway and full updos without fear of the method being shown.

How Tape In Hair Extensions Work?

With any hair extension application, you can do a full-head or half-head installation. We suggest, to add an additional part of volume, have a go at sandwiching your natural hair between two remy wefts of hair extensions. Basically segment off a zone of hair and tape the human hair extensions above and beneath.

Caring for Tape In Hair Extensions?

Wig and weave tape does not wash out effortlessly with typical shampoos and conditioners, so you can wash and style your hair as usual when wearing Tape In weave. Simply be mindful so as not to apply scalp oils too intensely or frequently, as these do loosen the tape bond. Tape In hair extensions can keep going for up to two months, if looked after appropriately. In any case, it is suggested that you take the tape out and oil the scalp following a month of wearing them, and afterwards resist putting them back in for one more month before applying any tape hair extensions once more. You will require a pack or two of quality swap tape for the reinstall. This will re-establish the scalp and stop any unwanted hair loss from re-applying tape and tape removal.

Like some other application strategy, tape in hair extensions have their qualities and shortcomings, and abusing them can harm your hair. Be that as it may, as a rather seamless look, semi-lasting weaving strategy, tape in hair extensions could be the preferred method you’re searching for.

Clip In Hair Extensions

If you are searching for a quick method via the Do It Yourself hair extension route with no long-term bonding, then this is for you. Clip In Hair Extensions are simple to fasten and can be easily matched with your own hair. Thus giving you longer hair, low-lights, high-lights, or adding volume where ever you need it. All Clip In Hair Extensions come in one or multiple pieces (wefts) of varying widths. These extensions can be Clipped In or out in minutes and are virtually undetectable.

How are they fastened to my own hair?

The name says it all they clip in under your own hair by small snap on clips. The clips we use should be quality clips with a silicone insert so they won’t slip and are secured tight. If fitted correctly you will not be able to see the clips. The good thing is with the ease of application you can play around unlike more other semi-permanent methods.

How long do Clip In Extensions take to apply in my hair?

They clip in with snap clips with combs on that are practically invisible once you’ve got them in. With practice, they should take around 5-10 minutes to put in & about 60 seconds to take out. Don’t worry yourself to much about how to apply them as there will be a detailed instructions guide with your set about how to put these extensions on. Or you can watch one of our how to videos.

How long will my own hair need to be to attach Clip In Extensions?

We recommend as a general rule to have hair that is roughly shoulder length, although a little shorter could be fine depending on your hair type. It’s something you will need to potentially judge for yourself. Go with the guide of shoulder length as a safe bet.

Weave / Weft

The Hair Weave / Weft Extensions application method is an extremely simple method which involves firstly braiding your natural hair to create a sturdy foundation for the hair extension to be applied to. Then the Wefts of human hair are sewn onto the braided base.  A weft of human hair is in simple terms a curtain of extension hair stitched together.  The hair weaves are then applied in discrete rows that lye flat against your scalp ensuring the extension hair blends easily with your natural hair.

What are the advantages of Sew In Weave?

A Sew In Weave is applied by sewing wefts of extension hair.  Because the weft is added to a braided base it’s often reffered to as a protective style as a portion of your hair is safely tucked away.  Women often use this type of hair extension method to help them grow their hair longer.

What are the disadvantages of Sew In Weave?

Sew In Weaves may not be suitable for very fine hair or hair that is breaking in the first 2 centimetres of growth. This method is mainly worn by people of a more afro hair persuasion. Also depending on the placement of the rows you may not be able to wear your hair in a high ponytail.  If you need to tie your hair back for work or for the gym you can wear your hair in a low ponytail.

7. Styles & How to Apply Different Hair Extension Methods (Video, Walkthrough)