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Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions aren’t something you can just ‘put in’ like hair dye or other hair accessories and products. While clip in hair extensions are alot easier to apply, and there is more room for a mistake, human hair extensions that you apply with glue require much more skill and experience, we recommend them being applied by a professional (contact us or call our hair technicians on 07542019814). It’s best to ensure that you apply any hair extension with a great deal of care. Our Hair extensions are made from 100% real human hair and are our specialty hence why we offer a variety of application methods, including those made from Russian human hair as well as many other exoctix types. If you are not yet convinced that our products truly do look and feel like real human hair (because they are!), then you can always check our testimonials and reviews or check our social media to see it with your own eyes. Roche Hair Extensions has pre bonded, tape in, clip in, micro ring weave / weft human hair extensions available. Roche Hair Extensions has all of your hair extension needs covered!

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are a technique of adding hair that is not your own onto your own hair. This is achieved by different methods (Weaving, Braiding, Bonding, Strand by Strand, Micro Ring etc. ). They are either applied by skilled hair professionals or yourself and offer instant ways of enhancing your appearance. They can all be washed, cut and styled to a person’s individual style and taste.

How many packets do I need for a full head of hair extensions?

For hair weaves & weft’s we recommend 1-2 packets as enough for a full head. If a hairdresser is doing your hair it is advisable to check with them as to how much you require for the hairstyle.
For the pre bonded hair, you should need 150-200 strands or more. Once again this depends on the style and thickness of your own hair.
For other methods eg strand by strand you will need to consult with your hair extensionist.

How long will it take to add extensions to my own hair?

This all depends on what your looking for. If your only wanting a few temporary extensions before you go out and shine at a gathering, or to enhance your confidence for those tough times we all go through, having extra hair added in need not to be a long process. However, if you are looking for a bigger and more permanent transformation it can take hours.

How can I do hair extensions by myself?

Our clip in hair extensions can be applied by yourself. For all other hair extensions including weft, pre-bonded and micro-loop we advise you seek a qualified professional hair dresser to fit your hair extensions.

How long do hair extensions usually last until they fall out or you have to take them out?

Our Human hair extensions usually lasts up to 6 months + for single drawn and 9 months + providing they have been cared for correctly using the aftercare guide and the products designed for hair extensions. Weaves or braided wefts should be reapplied much sooner than that, every 4-6 weeks at max.

Will my new hair feel heavy?

At first you will definitely notice your extra hair. The extra volume may also initially be an enjoyable novelty, but it is surprising how quickly you get used to having a wonderful full head of hair. Roche Hair Extensions are so closely matched in look and weight to your real hair that, within hours, they start feeling entirely your own.

How do I look after my extensions?

Your new head of hair will look and feel just like your own. With 100% human hair, you can wash, dry and style it just as you would your own hair. However, extra care must be taken to keep your hair extensions in top condition as unlike your natural hair, the extensions do not receive nutrients from the scalp. Please read our Hair Extension Aftercare guide which explains how to care for your hair extensions correctly.

Can I use a hairdryer, hot rollers, hot sticks, tongs and other styling equipment?

Yes, all of the above can be used with 100% human hair, however care must be taken by using a heat protector spray to avoid heat damage. Please read our Hair Extension Aftercare guide which explains how to care for your hair extensions correctly.

Is it safe to leave my hair to dry naturally?

Yes, once again, you can treat your extensions just like your own hair. Wet extensions look just as natural and organic as freshly washed hair.

What is real remy hair?

Remy hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair. Cuticles are kept intact and aligned in the same direction, creating a smooth and natural appearance. This process ensures that the hair remains soft, silky and tangle free.


We can guarantee that all of our human hair extensions are 100% selected single drawn Grade 6A real human hair and double drawn (deluxe) 8A real human hair. We accept all returns for quality issues and we will refund your full amount including postage, except for those hair extensions that have been chemically treated / processed by customers.

How long do hair extensions usually last?

This depends on which hair extensions you have. If they are taken care of correctly, our Human Remy hair extensions can last on average up to 6 months + due to the high quality of our hair. It also depends on how frequently you wash your extensions and how often you style your hair.

How long should I wait to wash pre-bonded extensions for the first time?

Do not wash your hair for at least 3-4 days after having your hair extensions put in so that the bonds can fully harden. The longer you wait, the better it is for the longevity of the bonds.

Why are the bonds on my hair extensions falling out?

The reason for bonds falling out is that they have not been applied correctly; therefore they can become loose and fall out furthermore this is normal and you can expect anywhere from 10-30 bonds to fall out a month which is why maintenance with your hair technician is imperative. Using products that are not suitable for extensions can also cause bonds to fall out. It is essential to use products specially designed for hair extensions as many of the standard high street brands contain high volumes of sodium chloride (salt) which will dry out your hair, and silicone based ingredients which can cause the bonds to weaken. Do not apply products directly onto the bonds as this can also weaken them.

You should also take care when brushing your extensions so that you do not pull at the bonds – brush from the ends to the roots to detangle the extensions, using a hair extension brush.

Why are my hair extensions becoming matted?

Hair extensions can become matted easily if the incorrect products are used. When washing, use a shampoo and conditioner for dry hair that is moisturising and remember to tilt your head back, never forward and pat dry – do not rub or twist the extensions.

When brushing the extensions, start at the bottom and work your way up to the roots to avoid matting, using a brush specially designed for hair extensions. Brush your hair prior to washing to avoid any tangling.

When sleeping, tie your hair in a loose plait as this will minimise tangles and matting overnight. Do not go to bed with wet or damp hair, ensure it is fully dried before sleeping as this is also a major cause of matting in hair extensions.

My extensions feel dry, what can I do?

It is essential to use the correct products for your hair extensions. Extensions must be washed using a moisturising shampoo and conditioner for dry hair. Try to let your extensions dry naturally as much as possible as over styling and blow drying can damage hair and cause it to become dry.

Can you colour hair extensions?

Although you can,  we do not recommend that you colour the hair extensions as the quality of the hair cannot be guaranteed after it has been coloured. Just like your own real hair, colouring the extensions can cause damage and weakness, therefore it will shorten the life span of the extensions. If you choose to colour your extensions, we suggest testing it on a small area of the hair first to ensure the colour takes to the hair and does not cause damage. Please note, we do not accept returns under any circumstances if the hair has been coloured.

Colour tips

You can Buy a colour ring from us for £30.00. contact us and we will send you one. This is a great option for frequent hair extension wearers, and makes changing colours easy. It is also fun to share with friends and family.

When selecting a colour, please keep in mind that an exact match may not be possible. Try blending a colour that is slightly lighter or darker than your own hair, as it is likely to look more natural and will add depth and variance to your colour. It is also possible that there is tiny discrepancy between the colour ring and the actural hair pieces because colours of batches from manufactures deliveried vary little and as long as they are within a acceptable level. Therefore we strongly suggest you to order individual sample of the product or let us to match it for you

Finding the perfect colour for you is easy. Simply send us a hair sample or a piece of fibre from your favourite hair extensions or hair pieces and we will match it for you. Alternatively, you can upload an image of your hair by going here and filling ou the form. We will then find the closest match to your hair

I need more information about a product

We include as much information as possible about a product on the product page. Usually, more detailed information like product length and units can be found on the product page. If you need more detailed information, please contact us quoting the product name, which can be found on the product page.

The product I ordered is now reduced. Can you refund me the difference?

Unfortunately, we cannot advise you in advance of a reduced product or reimburse you the difference after you have placed an order.