Aftercare Guide

Roche Hair Extensions “Aftercare Guide”

How do i look after my roche “human hair extensions”?

Aftercare guide
General Overview of Human Hair Extension Care –



The first thing to do before having your Roche Hair Extensions installed by you or a professional depending on the method of application is to ensure that you wash your hair thoroughly. It’s best if you use a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo and no conditioner of any type at all. This makes sure that all residues such as oil and product build up are removed; these residues must be removed as this can prevent the hair from slipping and sliding out after installation. Your own hair must be completely dried and not have any left-over product in your hair so you have the best platform for application of the hair extensions.


After installation of your hair extensions we recommend particular products that have been specially formulated to maintain and condition the hair extensions e.g. X-10 (see recommended products here). The effect of using a specially formulated product like this will allow conditioning of your own natural hair and the Roche 100% Human Hair Extensions. We wouldn’t recommend colouring, tinting or perming the human hair extensions. The reason being that the products that are needed to do such things normally contain elements that damage human hair extensions. These same products wouldn’t necessarily damage your own natural hair but even though Roche hair extensions are 100% human hair, they are still not directly connected to your head thus don’t receive nutrients from the scalp that may otherwise counteract some of these negative effects.

*Important Note* All Human Hair Extensions should be treated with the same if not more respect than how you would care & treat your own hair. This means following the aftercare guidelines meticulously and keeping up with regular maintenance. This will ensure you get the most out of the lifespan of the hair and also keep the hair feeling and looking great for longer. Another important thing to remember is to avoid applying to much heat to often as this will greatly shorten the lifespan of the hair.

When your hair has been installed by a technician, we would advise you to not wash your hair for at least 3-4 days after. Only use a dry shampoo if you wash your hair before the 3-4 days has passed, you only want to mainly apply it to your oily root areas but not too close to the scalp or you may get a build-up of the dry shampoo. The longer you leave your hair the better especially with pre-bonded as it will allow the bonds to harden fully which is good for their durability.

At bedtime you will need to put your hair in a loose plait and don’t go to bed with extensions wet or damp, they must be dry before sleeping. You must be aware wearing your extensions in for longer than 3 months will show your natural hair at the top near the root as you will have growth during this time. Wearing extensions will make your hair grow and you could have growth up to 2” showing at the root. The hair can start to tangle and matt together because they have grown too far down and at this time the bonds must be separated correctly from each other either by you or a hair technician. If the bonds aren’t separated correctly you will cause damage to your hair at the root so it’s a must you contact your hair extensionist for maintenance and if this has already happened getting your extensions removed and refitted.

After having your extensions fitted you may notice for a few days after your scalp might feel tender and sore. This is normal and will pass and is not a sign of a problem but just the pull on the root from the added weight of the extension hair. If the feeling persists for longer than a few days it could be due to the extensions being fitted too tightly in which case you would need to get this checked by your hair technician.

*Important Note* Lighter Shades will have a higher processed content therefore may not last as long in their life span as the un-processed hair. With the lighter shades take more care of them and apply even less heat then you would to other less processed colours. This will increase the lifespan of the lighter shades and avoid them becoming unnatural looking quickly.

It is the responsibility of the Salon/Hair Extensionist to make sure that customers they are providing a service for receive the correct aftercare information. Please feel free to copy and paste the aftercare bullet points below to make available to your customers for their use or for a quick reference for your own personal use:

Aftercare Leaflet

  1. It is always advisable to wash hair in the shower removing all tangles with the recommended brush first (tangle teezer). Once your bonds have been applied do not wash your hair for at least 3 days to allow bonds to set. Dry shampoo may be used for this period, avoiding bonds and avoid spraying to close.
  2. Wet the hair and dilute shampoo with a cup of warm water before applying, stroke the recommended shampoo down the hair, squeeze gently , do not not use any (sulphate products) mainly find this in commercial shampoos, conditioners or any mousse, gels or conditioning agents on the bonds or they will become softer and may slip. Only use specialist products on your hair to keep your extensions in tip top condition and your bond firm. Do not leave any conditioner or leave in products in your hair not go to bed with wet hair as it may tangle.
  3. Lift the hair and apply soap to the nape area.
  4. Rinse thoroughly and apply conditioner to mid-length down, do not apply to bonds.
  5. Rinse hair thoroughly, squeeze excess hair out, and do not rub.
  6. When brushing hair extensions always support them with one hand (as you were shown in the salon or by your extensionist) over vigorous brushing will cause breakage.
  7. Always the hair back when swimming, sunbathing, sleeping and taking part in sports you may put your hair in a soft plait to keep the cuticles from rubbing together and causing friction.
  8. If wearing tight head gear you may experience softening of the bonds and flattening i.e. if horse riding or riding a motorbike.
  9. Any colouring of your own hair should be done at least two weeks prior to application of hair extensions. Once hair extensions have been fitted you may colour your own hair around hairline and on the roots of your parting. Don’t allow solution to get on extensions.
  10. Do not bleach hair extensions. Do not process hair i.e. perming, colouring, highlights, foiling or rinsing in any way as the chemicals used in the hair extensions may not be compatible with the chemicals in the solution and the results may be disappointing.
  11. Separate extensions regularly so matting does not occur. It is best to do this when extensions are wet. Separate each bond from its partner all the way along the rows, horizontally and vertically. Your professional hair extension technician will show you how.(Remember to do this every time you have washed your hair)  and every night.
  12. Expect some discomfort for the next 2 weeks or so. Your scalp needs to get used to the extra weight attached to your hair.
  13. An itchy scalp signifies you have not rinsed thoroughly, or that your scalp is getting used to the extra weight attached to your hair.
  14. Hair extensions cannot be guaranteed to stay in good condition if you have been using your own shampoo, as some commercial shampoos are very strong and contain chemical that eventually break the bonds down. DO NOT USE COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS OF ANY SORT ON EXTENTIONS only use organic products or sulphate free shampoos recommended by your extentionist.
  15. In very rare, extreme cases, 1 in 50,000 clients has experienced a small amount of hair loss because their hair roots were too weak to support the bond. Unfortunately this cannot be determined until you wear extensions. Your professional hair extension technician will have examined your hair and done a tensile test, however this does not guarantee that your roots are 100% strong enough for extensions and only time will tell. It is extremely rare that this happens but this must be taken into consideration.
  16. You will experience some shedding and you may lose some extensions but do not worry this is quite normal; you may lose 5 up to 20 extensions.
  17. Wash hair in shower, with head back and make sure you rinse thoroughly. Do not apply conditioner to the bonds. Do not put your head forward into the basin- always wash hair with your head BACKWARDS in the shower.

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