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Remy Human Hair

Company Information

Roche Hair Extensions provides women the opportunity to purchase 100% high quality Human Hair Extensions. We are a U.K business based in the heart of England known as the Midlands. The Company was established in 2015 in Nottingham and since then has expanded around the U.K.

Founders Craig Flint & Adrienne Roche noticed the low quality hair extensions that where being sold as “high quality hair” through other popular retailers. This then started them on journey to source the best quality hair available on the market, giving their customers the hair they deserve with the best value for money they can get.

About Us

Here at Roche Hair we focus on quality, durability and style, offering the latest technology in hair.  We can guarantee quality every time not to mention our excellent customer service. We dont just sell you hair we guide & advise you so dont hesitate to contact us or get your free colour match using our send in service.

We’ve tried to making finding what your looking for as easy as possible, simply select the method of application and drawn style you want. If your unsure check our hair extensions buying guide out. Next all you need to do is select the length and colour that matches what you want. Furthermore you’ll need to select the number of packs. – 100g per pack 1g per strand (recommended 2 x 100g for a thick full look).

Add to basket, go to Check Out and Purchase the hair using a credit or debit card. We’ll send you your Hair Extensions first class next day delivery if your selected colour & length is in stock if not we’ll get it to you in 3-5 days.

Weave/Weft Hair Extensions

How We Work



First and foremost all of our Human Hair Extensions are Ethically sourced from around the world. Once the hair is harvested and cleaned, each hair strand is sorted according to its quality. This is to ensure all the hair cuticles are intact and facing the correct direction (Remy Hair Article). It is then stripped and dyed using sophisticated methods to achieve any natural or unatural colours we desire. The hair is then assembled into the desired method of application. Then packaged straight away to maintain freshness.



When the Hair Extensions have been made they are with us within a week of production, shipped directly to us here in the U.K. Once here, it is repackaged and stored in our Hair Extension containers to keep the hair fresh and odour free. Colours that are in high demand or popular are stocked, others in less demand are flown in within a few days. This way we keep the Hair as fresh as possible so you dont have hair thats been lying around for to long.



Using this website you can purchase the premium Human Hair Extensions you’ve always wanted. Wether your looking for a better quality, affordable product to supply in  your hair store, looking for some hair for yourself or to have some top notch hair extensions guaranteed to make your client happy. Roche Hair Extensions has what you need! You can order online or over the phone to get the Hair Extensions you’ve always been looking for!

Thanks for visiting Roche Hair Extensions, Happy Shopping!